Yoga As A New PTSD Therapy

Returning from combat has never guaranteed an end to the psychological trauma that affects soldiers while in combat. Many soldiers experience post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), which can manifest itself in such symptoms as nightmares, paranoia, and short tempers. Veterans are turning to a multitude of  treatment options ranging from simple psychotherapy to sensory deprivation. Many veterans, however, are now using yoga as an alternative type of therapy to reduce stress and tension.

Connected Warriors is a nonprofit organization that promotes yoga for veterans dealing with PTSD in South Florida. The  yoga classes for veterans are currently being offered  in Boca Raton, Fort Lauderdale, and Wellington.

Yoga’s benefits are being confirmed by various researchers across the country as well the Department of Defense (DoD) researchers. Positive results are being observed in veterans’ physical ailments, veterans are demonstrating better moods, and have increased energy levels. Additionally, yoga may be able to be used as a compliment to psychiatric therapy programs.

As few as 10 weeks of yoga have been able to reduce PTSD symptoms such as nervousness and even trust issues as the veterans in class know the other class members have similar military backgrounds. Despite suffering from physical or mental health limitations, yoga is able to supply instant benefits on many levels. The success of veteran yoga classes across Florida will hopefully lead to similar classes being offered across the country.

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