WWII veteran convicted of murder released due to Alzheimer’s

A former Marine convicted of murdering his son-in-law in 1998 will be released from prison due to his inability to care for himself in prison.

Dick Keech, 89, was convicted at the age of 77 of shooting to death his son-in-law who was estranged from Keech’s daughter. Keech defended the murder charges, arguing that he had a flashback to his days as a POW in the Phillipines when he shot Nicholas Candy after an argument.

Keech currently has Alzheimer’s Disease and uses a wheelchair. According to the AP, the judge who originally presided over Keech’s case was brought out of retirement to hear the motion for a compassionate release. The judge said that it would be of no benefit to keep Keech in prison and cited the tax dollars spent on caring for seriously ill prisoners.

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