Wounded Warrior Project Suggests VA to Improve U.S. Veterans Mental Health Care

The Wounded Warrior Project (WWP) testified at a recent hearing and stated immediate action must be taken to correct current deficiencies in the Department of Veterans Affairs health care provided to U.S. veterans suffering from mental health conditions, according to an article in Market Watch.

The WWP testified the VA isn’t meeting its goals in providing mental health care to veterans in need, based on a recent WWP survey. Out of the survey’s respondents who sought mental health care from the VA, 2 in 5 found that care was “difficult” to receive. Approximately 40% of respondents stated because of that difficulty they never received treatment.

According to the WWP testimony, the VA must correct their actions immediately. Their survey found multiple common issues across different VA locations, which are interfering with effective mental health care, such as:

  • not staffing enough mental health providers;
  • not being able to see the same therapist twice;
  • inflexible scheduling to accommodate veterans’ work schedules; and
  • remote locations of VA clinics.

In order to provide efficient mental health care, the WWP suggests the VA must:

  • “better utilize” the veteran centers around the country, which includes providing them with more resources;
  • implement a better peer-to-peer support system; and
  • pay for private-sector care if the VA is unable to provide the necessary care within a reasonable amount of time.

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