Wounded veteran and author to speak at Oregon Department of Veterans Affairs

Derek McGinnis, an author and veteran of the Iraq War, will speak at the Oregon Department of Veterans Affairs on Wednesday about his experience in the war and his recovery from his injuries.

McGinnis served as a corpsman in the Navy and was attached to the USMC 3rd LAR from 29 Palms. He was injured while riding in an ambulance during a battle in Fallujah during Operation Phantom Fury in November 2004. According to his profile on the Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund website, the ambulance was hit by a suicide bomber and the explosion left McGinnis with a TBI, injuries to his eye and severe injuries to his leg, necessitating amputation above the knee.

The veteran has written a book titled, “Exit Wounds: A Survival Guide to Pain Management for Returning Veterans and Their Families.” The book details McGinnis’s service in the war as well as his rehabilitation in the military and veterans affairs health care system.

Read more about McGinnis’s appearance this week at the Oregon VA.

If you’re a veteran who has been injured while on active duty, contact Veterans Help Group, a veterans disability law firm.