Were you or your loved one stop-lossed? The government owes you money

If you were one of the 185,000 troops who were subject to the government’s stop-loss policy after 9/11 you are entitled to $500 for every month you were kept in the service.

The payment policy, mandated by Congress and signed by the President this past summer, also applies to any survivors whose loved ones were killed while serving during a stop-loss period.

In addition to those survivors and eligible veterans who have separated since their stop-loss, an additional 5,200 service members are still serving under stop-loss and are receiving an extra $500 per month in addition to their standard pay rate.

The Secretary of Defense, the Honorable Mr. Gates, said in the Spring that the Pentagon would phase out this controversial policy by early 2011, when the last stop-lossed troops are scheduled to return home.

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