Videoconferencing Helping Veterans Deal With Anger Issues

One issue plaguing the Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) lately is getting effective mental health care to those veterans returning from active duty and living in very remote areas. A new VA study may have found an answer to this problem: videoconferencing. The study suggests technology such as remote videoconferencing can be used to treat anger management just as well as group therapy.

Current estimations hold 40% of current combat veterans hail from remote areas of the U.S. One in six returns following deployment with combat-related post-traumatic disorder (PTSD) or PTSD related issues.

The study lasted four years and included 125 male combat veterans diagnosed with PTSD related anger. Participants were randomly selected to participate in either group sessions or therapy via video. With obvious exceptions of the presence of the counselor, both types of sessions were identical. Both groups were arranged in a circle with the therapist in the same spot, live or over video.

After six months, the end results were that both groups showed similar reductions in anger. The positive results of this study have led researchers to begin to attempt the same type of video therapy to treat PTSD itself, which involves much more complex treatments.

Confidentiality is a major concern with videoconferencing. In order for the videoconferencing to be successful, the technology must not be able to be breached. Three quarters of the participants in the study were Vietnam veterans and it is believed veterans of the current wars will be much more comfortable with such a scenario as they are much more used to technology.

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