Vets Encounter Numerous Problems Registering on the Open Burn Pit Website

Recently, officials from Veterans Administration (VA) took down “The Airborne Hazards and Open Burn Pit Registry” website. This is where vets, exposed to waste burn pits and other toxins, complete a questionnaire that addresses health concerns. They can also sign up to undergo a free medical examination.

However, some vets encountered problems with the site. Issues included an inability to register or fix incorrect data. For those who could register, it took an exorbitant amount of time, sometimes a result of the website crashing.

After addressing the problems, the VA relaunched the site. But registering continued to be a problem. This included broken links, lengthy amounts of time spent navigating, inability to create passwords and for those who could, access to pages getting denied.

According to the VA, the site is now back up and operational. They indicate that at times updates may require conducting maintenance. This could cause lag time when using it. But for many vets, it’s yet another deficiency in the VA system.

Vets eligible to register include those who served in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. Also, vets who served in the 1991 Persian Gulf War and those stationed in Djibouti after Sept 1, 2001 may register as well. Eligibility is also based on exposure to oil fires, fumes from burning trash and toxins contained in the dust, such as metal.

Researchers believe there’s a connection between these types of exposure and some of the health problems striking vets. This includes certain cancers, neurological disorders and lung ailments.

Medical conditions connected to military service may qualify a vet for disability benefits. As if delays while registering online aren’t bad enough, some face delays and other problems when applying for disability. But one way to prevent some of the wait is to ensure proper completion of paperwork and submission of medical evidence. An attorney at the Law Offices of Veterans Help Group can help. Call us at 855-855-8992.