Veterans With TBIs Get Help From Tampa Smart House

The Tampa, Florida Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Hospital has developed what may be the next great step in treating traumatic brain injuries (TBIs). For an investment of $3 million, the VA hospital has developed a “smart home.” The smart home helps patients with TBIs learn to live independently in their daily lives by helping them perform basic, everyday tasks.

For many veterans with TBIs, basic, everyday tasks like doing the laundry or emptying the trash can become extremely difficult. The smart home will re-train those veterans unable to complete such necessary and basic tasks, and slowly build them back into being able to function in normal society. Veterans are tracked around the home and when they fall off course from what they are supposed to be doing, e.g., emptying the trash, they will be sent either a text or video message prompting them to get back on track.

The Tampa VA Hospital currently houses 10 veterans in 5 apartments. The Tampa VA Hospital also furnishes the apartments, including all the necessary technology to allow the smart house to function properly . The necessary equipment includes not only the system used to track the veterans around the apartment, but monitors attached to appliances, and screens used for the video prompts.

Every apartment has appliances with attached monitors able to sense if a specific task related to that appliance was correctly performed. If it wasn’t properly performed, the house sends an alert to the veteran to put them back on task. With a primary goal of getting veterans back up to speed and able to function outside of the hospital, the smart home is a good starting point.

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