Veterans Will Be Able to Track Mail Order Prescriptions with Online Tool

More than 57,000 veterans use the My HealtheVet system. They can order refills on their medications for mail-order delivery. The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) recently announced a new upgrade to the system that will allow these veterans to better track and manage their prescriptions.

VA employee Kenneth Siehr, who won the President’s 2013 Securing Americans Value and Efficiency (SAVE) Award, first suggested the new online Prescription Tracker. He entered an idea to use technology to save money and improve services provided by the VA to its patients.

The Tracker will allow veterans to obtain images of the medication dispensed in their order to reduce the risk of medication errors and confusion. They will also be able to receive secure messages through their My HealtheVet portal that alerts them when a prescription is shipped to their address.

Prescription tracking will allow veterans to keep better records of their medications and communicate with their health care teams when adjustments or refills are necessary. Medication information is a vital part of a veteran’s disability claim as it can serve as evidence of a long-term ailment that is being actively managed or treated. Medication history is also important to show the longevity of a condition which can be useful in determining the onset of a disabling condition related to a veteran’s active duty period.

Obtaining medical records is still a challenge for thousands of veterans every year when they file veterans’ disability benefit claims. Many facilities charge a per-page fee to produce records, while other veterans face the challenge of obtaining their records from multiple sources. If your disability claim was denied due to missing or inadequate medical records, Veterans Help Group® can help. Call today – 1-855-855-8992.