Veterans Sweating to the Old School Remedies

Every week seems to bring new treatment remedies for veterans with substance abuse issues. Sometimes, though, new is not always better and older remedies come back into the spotlight. The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Southern Oregon Rehabilitation Center and Clinic at White City hosts a sweat lodge 3 times a month to help those veterans battling substance abuse problems.

Sweat lodges are part of American Indian ceremonies and they date back thousands of years. The White City VA offers a sweat lodge to inpatients and is used to help veterans discover their own course for their personal recovery. So far, it seems to be a helpful therapy.

While traditional therapy works on your mind and body, a sweat lodge works on your spirit. This is how an all-encompassing therapy is supposed to be performed: by taking care of the person as a whole. Most combat deployments will rob soldiers of part of their spirit and their trust. Rebuilding those elements is just as important as everything traditional therapy works to rebuild.

The White City sweat lodges have been in existence since 2003 and are carried out by American Indian elders. The ceremony is conducted in 4 stages designed to provide veterans with a sense of respect and honor. The ceremony seeks to give veterans a sense of personal empowerment, which aids in every step of a person’s recovery.

Sweat lodges fill a critical role in the recovery process. Substance abuse takes a hold of the veteran’s entire body. When used in combination with other types of treatment, sweat lodges allow the veteran’s entire body to be treated – a key to ensuring a successful sobriety.

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