Veterans Split Over Value Of Wars In The Middle East

A recent poll, which may be the first of its kind, looked at how veterans viewed the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan as compared to the opinions civilians hold. Approximately one-third of the veterans surveyed do not believe the wars were worth the effort, and approximately one-third do, according to an MSNBC News report. Those same veterans, however, place much more belief in the value of fighting in Afghanistan (about 50%) as opposed to Iraq (about 44%). The poll included responses from veterans with disabilities.

Around 60% of the veterans responding to the poll believe it is time for the U.S. to focus on the problems this country is facing at home, and spend less time on foreign affairs. Not only is the U.S. is facing a huge budget crisis with the wars draining billions of dollars, but there are veterans returning from combat facing potential lifelong, incapacitating mental conditions, which affect not only veterans, but their families and dependents as well.

Aside from the tens of thousands of veterans who have been wounded in these wars, more than 6,000 American soldiers have died. Although the poll results reflect many soldiers as being “proud of their work,” they also show 84% of veterans do not believe the civilian world has any understanding of what they face every day in combat and on the home front, e.g. re-adjusting to civilian life. Just more than 70% of the civilians who took part in the poll agree with that statement.

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