Veterans Relationship Management Program Gives Veterans Better Access

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) recently launched the Veterans Relationship Management (VRM) program. This program will run for multiple years and will considerably improve veterans’ access to information about benefits as well as receive health care. Ensuring veterans receive appropriate access to health care and benefits is one of the VA’s top initiatives and this program is just the most recent one to work towards advancing that goal.

According to VA Secretary Eric Shinseki, the VRM will utilize 21st century technologies to make sure veterans will have much better interaction with the VA. When veterans make contact with the VA call centers, VA employees will be able to supply much more accurate information than in the past. The VA’s benefit website will also contain  more up-to-date information than previously available.

One problem veterans complained of in the past is the length of time spent waiting to reach VA call centers. This is one aspect of the call centers that will be improved upon by the end of the year. Faster service coupled with better and more accurate service will be verified through the recording and review of phone calls. The VRM will introduce improvements every 6 months to allow time to iron out the inevitable kinks before another improvement is added.

One very noteworthy segment of the VRM is the improvement of the VA’s benefits website. Visitors to the website will be in control of the information they want to access. The VA coupled with the Department of Defense (DoD) to establish a single sign-on opportunity. Essentially this is a sign-on allowing a visitor to the site to access multiple transactions without needing to continually having to input their sign-on information.

The VRM will make veterans’ lives interacting with the VA much smoother. The easier the information is to access, the easier it will be for the veterans to use.

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