Veterans Mental Disabilities: New Center Provides Resources to Help Moral Injury

While combat situations have been proven to cause long-term mental and physical injuries, researchers, who have been funded by the Department of Defense and Department of Veterans Affairs, are now looking at the moral impact that these events can have on a soldier’s well-being. According to mental health professionals, moral injuries can cause emotional stresses such as guilt, betrayal, shame, and grief.

To better understand the moral impact combat events can have on soldiers and veterans, the Brite Divinity School at Texas Christian University is working with retired military chaplains and psychologists to open the Soul Repair Center. The new center in Fort Worth will provide counseling and interaction opportunities with other veterans who share the same experiences.

The program hopes to help veterans suffering from mental disabilities cope with the moral issues they may be facing along with their mental and physical damages. By minimizing the moral impact, it is their hope that it will ease some of the mental damages done after active combat situations.

As more research is done for disabilities caused by mental trauma, more veterans may now qualify for veterans’ disability benefits that can give them means of receiving better care.

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