Veterans May Face Difficulty Finding Doctors to Accept TRICARE Benefits

Over 600,000 nonenrolled beneficiaries of TRICARE (that is, beneficiaries who do not enroll in TRICARE Prime, a program using a civilian provider network) may have trouble finding medical professionals who will accept their health care benefits. TRICARE is a government provided health care program for Pentagon employees and their families, yet many civilian doctors are reluctant to accept this type of insurance coverage.

According to a study by the General Accountability Office (GAO), the number of civilian health service providers that accept TRICARE is on the decline. Most notably are mental health practitioners, of whom only about 39 percent accept TRICARE. Only 67 percent of primary care doctors and 77 percent of specialty physicians accepted the insurance plan according to the study.

TRICARE covers an estimated 9.7 million service members, including active-duty troops, National Guard members, and military retirees. Of this group, nearly 70 percent are veterans and their dependents. Veterans suffering from service-related disabilities, meanwhile, may seek veterans’ disability benefits.

Veterans’ Disability Benefits Can Help Disabled Vets

These benefits, obtained through the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), can provide compensation to disabled veterans so they are able to afford the medical care they require.

Qualification for veterans’ disability benefits involves proof of military service, a disability rating, and a connection between a veteran’s military service and the disabling conditions they now experience. Medical care through the VA is also available for veterans, including those who often face disabilities unique to military service like Gulf War Syndrome or Agent Orange exposure.

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