Veterans Improperly Charged After Seeking Treatment for Sexual Trauma

A new report from the VA Inspector General came to the conclusion that veterans that sought treatment for sexual trauma suffered while in the military were improperly charged co-payments by the VA.

The report promised anyone that has been overcharged for either mental health counseling for physical conditions related to the sexual trauma will be reimbursed.

Veterans do not have to provide documentation or evidence that they reported the sexual trauma while in the service to prove the trauma, injury, illness or psychological conditions exists. Further, it isn’t necessary to be enrolled in the VA health care system or even eligible for veterans benefits to receive the counseling. Both make and female veterans are entitled to free counseling and treatment for sexual trauma received while:

  • On active duty;
  • During reserve duties; or
  • During National Guard duties.

According to the report, the VA treated at least 65,000 veterans for sexual trauma in 2009 alone. The report only focused on the co-payments made at the Austin VA outpatient clinic, but there is no reason to think it did not occur at other VA clinics as well.

When services are offered for free, charging veterans for care for such a sensitive issue does nothing but add difficulty to their recovery. Thankfully, there is a national change underway.

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