Veterans Given The Option To Direct Their Own Care

The Veteran Directed Home and Community Based Services program focuses on veterans enrolled with the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). The program allows veterans to direct a portion of their own care, and by doing so, allows those veterans to continue living in their existing neighborhood and avoid being put into an institution. There is no age restriction on veterans who may use the program, so long as they are at risk of being placed in a nursing home and interested in self-directed care. Local agencies on aging implement this program.

Enrolled veterans must be referred to the Agency on Aging via the VA Medical Center in Washington, D.C. (VAMC-DC). Once the referral is made, the veteran is given  an assessment and then assistance in planning their care. It is then up to the veteran and his or her family caregivers to decide what goods and/or services would provide the best results for their situation.

If veterans choose to enroll, they hire the caregivers of their choice, which can include family members. Those people the veterans hire however, do not become employees of the agency, but the veteran. This means the veteran is responsible for all payroll issues. The VA pays back the local Agency on Aging their upfront expenses for providing counseling and whatever services the veteran requires.

The VA’s referral to the Agency includes a VA-determined monthly budget. Whatever money the veteran does not use rolls over and can be used toward such things are retrofitting vehicles. There are currently 15 states implementing the directed care program.

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