Veterans Given Fresh Start With New Art Program

The Defense Video and Imagery Distribution System is reporting on a new program seeking to give wounded warriors and veterans a new outlook on life. The program is called the Spirit of Wounded Warriors and Veterans: Healing the Soul through Artistic Expression, which was created via a joint effort between personnel from multiple agencies and is designed to help veterans with disabilities.

Much of the focus of the program is on veterans suffering from such mental conditions as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and traumatic brain injuries (TBIs). The program itself provides veterans with a venue in which to show their personal artwork. There are no limits on the veterans that are allowed to submit their work to the program, i.e., veterans from all wars and conflicts are encouraged to apply.

Many veterans find creating art a very welcome distraction because it allows them to put their focus and concentration into something other than any present mental conditions and the symptoms associated with them. For many, this is an alternative therapy unrivaled by any other form of help.

Providing a distraction is one huge benefit, but another is veterans increasing their confidence in themselves and their art. Some have taken that initial distraction creating art seemed to provide for them and turned their artwork into full-time careers. Rebuilding confidence for disabled veterans with mental conditions is vital in their recovery.

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