Veterans Fishing For Therapy

It seems the more veterans returning from combat deployments suffering from PTSD the more therapeutic programs are developed. Had you visited Shadow Cliffs Regional Park last Friday and seen the 20 veterans standing on the lake you may not have come to the conclusion that it was a therapy session, but that is exactly what it was.

A veteran at Walter Reed Medical Center created Project Healing Waters in 2005. The Project’s focus is on soldiers and veterans and their physical and emotional rehabilitation; most of the participants suffer from PTSD. They attempt to do this through fly fishing, among other activities.

Fly fishing, it seems, is an ideal way in which to conduct therapy. One thing fly fishing provides is a very beautiful and tranquil environment. The operators of Project Healing Waters believe healing properties exist in the outdoor environment. They believe being outdoors has helped those suffering from:

  • Depression;
  • Suicidal tendencies; and
  • Autism.

Some veterans suffering from PTSD find fly fishing useful because of their shortened attention spans and their difficulty completing certain tasks. Making a tie able to attract fish is essential to fly fishing. Being able to make a successful tie requires an involved, complex, and complicated process. This process requires not only hand-eye coordination, but tolerance and patience.

Fly fishing itself demands these same traits. Successful fly fishing depends on paying attention to your movements and concentrating on controlling your body. Because of the concentration required to fly fish, veterans cannot fish and focus on the stress in their lives at the same time. Fishing then, provides many veterans with momentary mental reprieves.

The Project members believe showing veterans who suffer from PTSD they can complete small tasks and in turn larger tasks works as a building block toward improving their mental health.

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