Veterans Electronic Health Records Initiative Delayed to 2017

While the secretaries of the Department of Veterans Affairs and Department of Defense were praised for their departments’ improvements to veteran services, according to Stars and Stripes, some areas remained under scrutiny.

The plan to improve the Transition Assistance Program was praised as the secretaries detailed the current progress and long term impact. However, those in attendance were quick to point out several older initiatives designed to help disabled and aging veterans that have not shown much recent progress.

One of the main focuses was on the progress of transitioning veterans’ medical files from physical documents to an electronic health records. This process is a key component to realizing the promised Virtual Lifetime Electronic Record which would follow a service member from enlistment through their veteran years.

Committee members were told that the full integration of health records between the two departments was not expected to be completed until 2017. The departments have been working for 10 years toward developing the electronic system, and with final agreements in place they are working on moving forward with preliminary transition tests.

Electronic health records are still a while away for many veterans, meaning obtaining medical evidence of a disabling condition related to military service can still be difficult for a disabled veteran working alone. A veterans’ disability attorney can help ease some of the burden of filing a veterans’ disability claim.

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