Veterans Disability: How Detecting Concussions Early Can be a Long-Term Benefit

New research from the Pentagon has shown that improved medical care on the battlefield has led to more concussions being diagnosed among active duty troops. When a concussion is detected early enough, a soldier can often receive the necessary treatment to prevent more serious long-term brain damage.

On the other hand, the number of concussions suffered by troops in the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars is a cause for concern. An average of 16 concussions was reported every day in Spring 2011, the highest average of any period in the past 10 years of war. Considering these statistics, researchers are divided on whether these statistics show that there are more combat-related injuries or if the better detection methods are the cause for more diagnoses.

A simple concussion can lead to serious brain damage, if it is not detected and treated quickly enough. The hectic nature of active combat often forces soldiers to continue operations after exposure to an explosive attack. While they may not have external wounds, they often suffer unknown head trauma that can lead to mental impairment without care in the long run.

Many disabled veterans develop brain injuries and cognitive disorders later in life because of lingering wounds they were unaware of during active duty. A disability claim can give a veteran the necessary compensation to receive the required care but these claims can often be difficult to pursue without proof.

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