Veterans deserve more assistance according to editorial

There is an interesting editorial in the online edition of the Daily Times, a newspaper serving Delaware County, Pennsylvania. The piece titled, “Let’s give veterans support they deserve,” provides a wealth of statistics particularly relevant to veterans of the current wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

According to the editor:

  • Approximately 4,350 Americans have died in Iraq. 31,500 have been seriously wounded.
  • 870 Americans have died in Afghanistan and 3,900 have been seriously wounded.
  • Only 53% of the veterans returning from the war with PTSD have sought treatment for the illness
  • Unemployment for veterans is 21% higher than the national unemployment rate
  • At least 131,000 veterans are homeless

The author of the piece provides great information on recent expenditures by the VA to provide benefits to veterans, as well as pro-veteran federal legislation.

In conclusion the author writes, “It is about time our troops felt support that goes beyond flag-waving and rhetoric.”

Kudos to the editor of the Daily Times for directing the public’s attention to helping our nation’s veterans.