Veterans Crisis Line Expands Services and Collaboration Efforts

Since July 2007, the Veterans Crisis Line, an initiative started through the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), has helped field over 500,000 calls from veterans in need of crisis support. Over 18,000 serious cases have been handled by the team of responders, helping many troubled and disabled veterans find the help they need during these critical times.

To continue this positive outreach to veterans, and their friends and families, the VA is extending their services beyond the traditional telephone number and creating new collaborative efforts with like-minded organizations.

The technological advances include text messing services that allow veterans in need to confidentially text their concerns to responders at 83-8255 and receive immediate support 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The texts are answered by trained VA professionals, many of whom are U.S. veterans, offering a more personal connection to crisis management.

In addition to the texting service, the voice call line has now extended toll-free service for the Europe military community. The new 0800-1273-8255 number will provide toll-free access to the same U.S.-based crisis help line that the current 800-273-8255 number offers.

A third enhancement to the Veterans Crisis Line is the collaboration with Vets Prevail and Vets4Warriors, 2 groups that utilize similar efforts to reach out to veterans in need of crisis support and resources. Both organizations will begin routing calls for mental health crisis to the VA’s lines.

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