Veterans Courts Offer Assistance to Vets in Legal System

As with other members of the general population, there is an increased likelihood that veterans with substance abuse and mental health problems will be involved with the criminal justice system. In consideration for their service to our country, and the special problems that often result from time spent in the military (especially if that time was spent in combat), criminal courts around the country are designating “veterans courts.”

Veterans courts are not to be confused with the veterans disability claims process associated with the VA. Veterans courts in the criminal law context are courts that strive to divert veterans who are non-violent offenders from the typical court process, and ultimately incarceration. Resources are provided to veteran defendants which include judge-approved and supervised treatment plans, and a team of court staff, veterans’ health care professionals and veteran peer mentors.

Courts that specifically address the needs of veteran-defendants are popping up all over the country, with the “model veterans’ court” taking place in Buffalo, New York. That court was established on January 15, 2008, and similar courts have been convened across the country in states including Alaska, California and Oklahoma.

If you are the loved one of a veteran who is currently involved in the criminal justice system, ask the veteran’s attorney about special programs that might be available for veterans – if no such program is in existence suggest an alternative approach similar to the one described here.

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