Veterans Copay Officially Eliminated for Telehealth Services

On Wednesday, May 8, a press release from the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) confirmed the end of copayments for veterans seeking mental health care through the Telehealth system.

Disabled veterans who undergo counseling through video conferences with remote VA mental health professionals will no longer pay for these services. The Telehealth service is not limited to psychiatric care. Video conferences can help VA health specialists discuss treatment and symptom management for veterans with disabling conditions that make travel difficult.

Veterans in remote areas that live hours from the nearest VA clinic can participate in a Telehealth conference first before they determine if travel is necessary. This has reduced travel expenses for both military families and the VA, saving a substantial amount of the health care budget over the years since the Telehealth system was implemented.

The remote counseling has provided thousands of disabled veterans with a convenient connection to their health care team at VA hospitals. While the Telehealth system does not replace traditional care at VA clinics, it is being used extensively for consultations and patient reviews that would have otherwise taken months for an appointment to be made and attended.

The VA’s Telehealth system is just one of the many services that disabled veterans can seek when they have been given a disability rating and approved for veterans’ disability benefits.

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