Veterans Compensation Cost-Of-Living Increase Passes House

The Veterans Compensation Cost-of-Living Adjustment (COLA) Act of 2011 recently passed through Congress to the relief of thousands of disabled veterans as well as survivors. This marks the first time since 2009 the cost-of-living has been increased. December 1, 2011 is when the 3.6% increase becomes effective, once President Obama puts his signature on the paper.

This Act will increase the amount of disability compensation given to veterans with service-related disabilities, according to the House Committee on Veterans Affairs. It will also serve to increase the amount of monthly compensation payouts given to survivors for dependency and indemnity.

Many veterans may find this refreshing to see such an increase given the economical state of the country and the massive budget cuts being made in just about every federal agency. Veterans with disabilities have been on the receiving end of many other federal funding cuts, so this increase comes as a relief.

One distinction that must continually be made on behalf of retired military personnel as well as disabled veterans is that their benefits are earned; they aren’t entitlements. Every benefit was earned by every veteran willing to risk his or her life for this country, and those benefits aren’t things that should be considered for a place on the chopping block.

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