Veterans Are Being Denied the Right of Gun Ownership

Veterans are being denied the right to own firearms. VA field officers are allowed to determine if veterans can properly handle their own finances. If a field officer finds a veteran is not competent to handle their own finances, a third party fiduciary is appointed to take control of that veteran’s finances.

The problem arises in that when this happens, the veteran’s name is forwarded to the FBI’s National Instant Criminal Background Check System database where he or she is categorized as mentally defective. This action subsequently denies veterans the ability to purchase firearms. 

The Burr bill would require certain steps being taken prior to having the veteran’s name put into the FBI background check system. The legislation suggests requiring first determining if the veteran is a threat to either himself or others by a legal authority.    

Gun control advocates claim this bill grants an unsafe extension of gun ownership rights to dangerous people. Proponents of the bill claim gun ownership is a constitutional right that must be protected and cannot be denied without proper due process.