Veterans’ Place Facility Praised

The Veterans’ Place is a two-story, refurbished, nursing home turned transitional housing facility. Doors were opened last September and there are already 15 residents working toward turning their life around.

More than just a housing facility, the Veterans’ Place also serves as a counseling center in its own right. All the residents are veterans and the sense of brotherhood that exists in the house has given many of the residents the energy they need to face their issues.

As the old saying goes, “anything worth doing is worth doing right.” The Veterans’ Place was originally funded by a $770,000 federal grant and what amounted to hundreds of hours of people volunteering their time and labor to bring the building up to standard. The fact is, this is a successful veterans-only model, and one viable for duplication.

Transitional housing facilities likes the Veterans’ Place are few and far between and by far, the vast majority of veterans suffering are suffering in silence. Certainly places like this just do not pop up, as is evidenced by the constant search being conducted for grants and donations necessary to keep the doors open. The current VA reimbursements fall short of what is needed to keep the doors open on a monthly basis.

According to the program manager, this model works because of the clientele: veterans talk to other veterans. While only a few months old, the Veterans’ Place has already seen success in its residents and hopefully it will keep it’s doors open long enough to see even more success stories.