Veterans’ Health: Program Reaches Milestone Enrollment

Veterans’ health care is being improved thanks to the Million Veteran Program (MVP) which has recently enrolled its 100,00th member. The MVP seeks to help those receiving veterans’ benefits by improving the health services offered to veterans.

The Department of Veterans’ Affairs (VA) established the MVP initiative in 2011 with the goal of enrolling one million veterans to participate in veterans’ health care research. The program has already exceeded the enrollment numbers of all previous VA research studies.

Veterans’ Health Care Research through the VA

Veterans’ benefits are designed to help improve access to the current veterans’ health care programs available through the VA. These programs are constantly being researched and improved upon, which is where the MVP will be of great help.

Participants in the MVP provide critical information such as genetic analyses, questionnaires, and medical records. The database of information can later be used in studies for projects to better understand the link between genetics and health and improve veterans’ health care and benefits.

Veterans have long been a key population for medical research on health concerns such as traumatic brain injury (TBI), post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and chronic illnesses such as diabetes. Veterans may develop medical conditions like TBI or PTSD due to combat-related injuries or exposures.

Veterans Benefits’ from Disabling Conditions

As more information is gathered about genetics and health, better health care may be developed. The MVP participants help researchers track trends in veterans’ health and disabilities for the conditions that frequently cause disability in the veteran population.

While genetics may play a role in many disabling conditions, it is often a combat-related injury or exposure that causes health issues to arise. When a health condition is service-connected, a veteran may be eligible for veterans’ disability benefits.

Proving that a disability is related to your military service is a process that can be made easier by working with an attorney. Your attorney can assist in gathering the right documentation to show your military service, medical history, and disability rating. Without these key pieces of evidence, your claim may be delayed or denied and require an appeal.

Applying for Veterans’ Benefits for Disability

Seek consultation with a lawyer for help with your case. Access to veterans’ health care through the VA is just one of the many benefits for which you may qualify in addition to receiving veterans’ health care. Contact Veterans Help Group at 1-855-855-8992 to set up your consultation to discuss applying for veterans’ benefits if you suffer from a serve-related disability.