Veteran Walks Country to Raise Awareness for Disabled Veterans

According to an article, Leonard McQuown is walking across the county to “spread awareness” about the large number of veterans with disabilities as well as those veterans unable to find employment. He has hopes at the end of his journey he will form a non-profit, the Veterans Miracle Network, to provide help to any veteran in need.

McQuown has taken the first steps in what will amount to a 15,000 mile journey, which he will complete on foot to raise awareness for disabled veterans. His first stop was ground zero where the mother of a fallen soldier gave McQuown her son’s dog tags to wear along his journey and he recently walked through the state of New Jersey. He plans to head south to complete the 48 more states he has left, so as to avoid the oncoming weather.

Over the next 5 years McQuown will visit every capital in the continental United States. So far, he has been taking shelter at firehouses along the way, where he has been provided meals and companionship.

Upon leaving his military service, McQuown moved around the country and worked various jobs in multiple states. He was always in search of solid employment and stability. Being from a military family, however, it just isn’t in him to stay in one place for too long.

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