Veteran States VA Claim Delayed by Document Written in Spanish

According to an article in The St. Petersburg Times, Edgar Freyre is a veteran with disabilities who filed his first claim for a disability pension in 1967 and has been fighting for that pension ever since. His most recent hurdle has been yet another delay in processing his claim because Freyre submitted a document written in Spanish.

The document in question wasn’t even necessary for the processing of his claim. Instead, it was a history of the unit he served with, which was an “all-Puerto Rican” unit, but one that was “decimated in the Korean War.” Freyre is bilingual and never considered the language of the document an issue.

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), however, did see it as an issue as it took 6 months for the VA to transfer Freyre’s case from its current location, at the Board of Veterans Appeals in Washington, D.C., to a regional office in St. Petersburg, and back again to D.C. Freyre was told by the Appeals court that the claim is being transferred in order to be translated.

Freyre called the VA multiple times, as did his attorney; all to no avail. It wasn’t until the middle of November that the VA said the document had been translated but that the delay wasn’t due to translation issues, but rather to the disability backlog.

In the meantime, Freyre keeps fighting for his disability rights while he continues to battle serious health conditions that he has been dealing with since the 1950s.

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