Veteran sentenced for murder at state veterans home

A veteran who served in Somalia and Afghanistan was sentenced to 36 years in prison for murdering another veteran in a Minnesota Veterans Home.

Randall Sears, 45, had been charged with the murder of Richard Jackson, 54, after Sears beat Jackson into a fatal coma in August, 2008. The two men had allegedly fought over computers in the computer room at the veterans home previously, and residents speculated that the fight reignited the day the assault took place.

While Jackson had been living at the home while undergoing cancer treatments, Sears was there for treatment of depression-like symptoms.  Psychological evaluations revealed that there was no strong evidence of PTSD, however Sears father had suffered from depression, and his mother had schizophrenia.

Randall Sears has refused to speak about the incident and did not offer an explanation during his trial. He was convicted of:

  • 2nd degree intentional murder
  • 2nd degree unintentional murder
  • 1st degree assault

The sentence he received is approximately 14 years longer than what is required by Minnesota law.

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