Veteran-Owned Companies Must Prove Legitimacy to VA

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) maintains a Vendor Information Pages database. These pages are stocked with the names of contracting companies supposedly owned by veterans that are given preferential treatment by the VA when awarding contracts. In order to be recognized as veteran-owned, businesses must first register with the VA. Up until this point, the VA has done very little checking up on these businesses to ensure they are, in fact, veteran-owned. The 2010 Veterans Benefits Act, however, puts the VA on notice of having more accountability of ensuring all companies registered as veteran-owned are actually veteran owned.

The VA is responding to their higher standard of responsibility of establishing credibility in vendor businesses competing for set-aside contracts. They have sent out over 13,000 notices via mail and e-mail vendors notifying them of their deadline in which to return requested  documentation.

Every business that does not submit documentation supporting their claims as a veteran-owned business within 90 days of the VA’s request will not be listed in the vendor database.

Businesses claiming that they are veteran-owned must return:

  • All owners’ names;
  • The percentage of ownership for each individual owner; and
  • Other relevant information.

The requests for verification information may be somewhat of an inconvenience for legitimate veteran-owned businesses. The inconvenience, however, is worth being able to eliminate non-deserving contractors from the VA’s vendors list.

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