Veteran’s remains found dumped behind abandoned building

Staff Sergeant Delbert E. Hahn served his nation honorably in WWII and was awarded two Purple Hearts for his actions at Normandy, but his final resting place was certainly not fit for this American hero. Hahn’s cremated remains, along with those of his wife, Barbara, and his mother-in-law, were found abandoned behind a vacant college in Tampa, Florida.

A local man and his girlfriend were rummaging through the dump site behind Remington College recently when they discovered the urns and paperwork describing Hahn’s service in the 26th Infantry Regiment in Europe in 1944. In addition to the Purple Hearts he had earned, he was also a five-time Bronze Star recipient.

Fortunately, the remains of Delbert Hahn and his family members have been turned over to police who are investigating the case. However, a preliminary investigation revealed that Mr. Hahn died in the 1980’s, leaving behind his spouse, who later willed her property to family friends. When their mobile home was recently foreclosed on, they lost ownership of it and were not able to salvage much of the property.

According to Tampa Bay Online, the VA is arranging to have the remains moved to the Florida National Cemetery in Bushnell and laid to rest in a manner befitting this honorable veteran and his family.