Veteran’s Pensions Protected by New Legislation

The VA currently punishes pension qualified veterans for being victims of crimes and accidents when they receive a settlement or insurance reimbursement that causes them to exceed their “income” limit. Fortunately this policy is about to change.

The Veterans Pensions Protection Act is newly introduced legislation designed to protect veterans from losing their pensions; income they rely on to survive. Currently, the VA may cancel or decrease a veteran’s pension if they receive insurance payments to cover losses after being a victim of:

  • An accident (including medical expenses);
  • Theft;
  • Loss; or
  • Casualty loss.

Veterans must meet certain requirements in order to qualify for pensions. In deciding if a veteran meets the annual income requirements, the VA looks at all sources of revenue. If the veteran’s income exceeds the VA established limit, that veteran is not granted a pension. If a veteran is already receiving a pension and their income jumps above the VA’s limit, that veteran loses their pension.

The VA considers Insurance payments or other types of reimbursement income. This new legislation will fix this technicality to guarantee that veterans qualifying for pensions continue to receive them. The Veterans Pensions Protection Act will allow these types of insurance payments, settlements, and reimbursements to become exempt from the VA’s income calculations when considering whether to grant pensions to deserving veterans.

Read more about this proposed legislation.

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