VA: There are More than 10,000 Homeless Veterans of Iraq and Afghan Wars

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) and VA Sec. Eric Shinseki vowed to eliminate homelessness among veterans by 2015. According to a recent VA report, however, the number of homeless veterans from the Iraqi and Afghanistan Wars has increased.

The most recent figures indicate more than 10,000 Iraqi and Afghan veterans are either currently homeless or enrolled in programs for homeless veterans. This recent increase is somewhat discouraging in the face of the VA’s 2015 goal. The overall number of homeless veterans, however, has decreased to 135,000 from 2004, where the number was closer to 400,000.

The 10,000-plus veterans cited in the VA’s report are either homeless, living in temporary housing, or using housing vouchers to rent apartments. Approximately 13% of these veterans are female. Returning to civilian life is always somewhat difficult for veterans, but the current economy makes this transition even more difficult.

Approximately 70% of veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan have been exposed to combat. For many that means they’re suffering from varying psychological problems because of that combat exposure. This can complicate an already stressful situation, particularly when disabled veterans have difficulty gaining access to programs that would help them to address their challenges.

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