VA Services for Female Veterans’ Health Care Slowly Improving

The Department of Veterans’ Affairs (VA) has seen the number of female veterans increase 83%, between 2000 and 2009, with an estimated 292,000 women now using VA health facilities. According to Stars and Stripes, this has created a need for more female exam rooms and OBGYN professionals, as well as considerations for pregnancy, birth, and infant care services.

Some VA hospitals are expanding their women’s services by outfitting current clinics with new exam rooms and hiring full-time women’s health practitioners. In some cases, the VA is finding veteran professionals unavailable. For such situations, they are paying civilian physicians to ensure female veterans get the care they deserve.

The Congress-mandated improvements for all VA health care programs are backed by millions of dollars of funding that will go to hiring women’s health practitioners and outfitting new or existing facilities with specialized equipment. The VA has also started targeting their health and disability benefit programs toward informing female veterans of their right to compensation.

Many female veterans don’t realize they qualify for VA benefits. Of the ones that do, many will not go to VA clinics because of prior bad experiences making the need for the VA’s strengthened initiative even greater.

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