VA Seeks to Develop 100 MyVA Communities By End of 2016

The Department of Veterans Affairs’ (VA) community-driven initiative, MyVA Communities, hopes to reach a 100-community milestone by the end of 2016. MyVA Communities is a program designed to bring veterans in local areas together and give them the opportunity to suggest ways to improve the VA services in their area.

A local veteran engagement board leads every MyVA Community. This board engages in outreach, takes feedback, and develops new programs and enhances current services based on the community’s needs. To date, more than 50 communities across the United States have joined in the program, and the VA is hoping to expand to at least 100 participating areas by the end of 2016.

The veteran engagement board of each community is the core of the project. Each board consists of community leaders and local members of all three VA administrations. The VA is also working to incorporate the Veterans Economic Communities Initiative (VECI) to new and existing MyVA Communities. The VECI works with local resources to help improve education and employment opportunities for veterans in their local community.

By bringing more MyVA Communities on board, the VA hopes to improve assessment of local programs and fill gaps where needed. The VA envisions that the communities, using VA and local resources, will improve the quality of life for veterans of that area.

Veterans Help Group Helps Veterans Get Disability Benefits

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