VA Secretary Reinforces Department Goals on Veterans Day 2012

In the Veterans Day 2012 message from the Department of Veterans Affairs, Secretary Eric K. Shinseki reminded the country of his department’s commitment to continued improvement of veterans services.

The November 9 press release commended the millions of veterans who have served our country and reminded them that our nation is committed to supporting them in several capacities. He focused on the more than 1.5 million veterans who have served in the Iraq, Afghanistan, and Horn of Africa combat theaters in the past 11 years and reminded them of the veterans services to which they are entitled through the Department of Veterans Affairs as they return home.

In his Veterans Day 2012 message, Secretary Shinseki highlighted the innovations the Department of Veterans Affairs has made in the past years to bring in 21st century technology to help assist disabled veterans with combat-related injuries. He summarized the VA’s continued goals:

  • increase access to benefits and services available through the VA;
  • eliminate the veterans disability compensation claims backlog by 2015; and
  • end homelessness among veterans by 2015.

Secretary Shinseki attributed the achievements made by the Department of Veterans Affairs to the dedication of the VA staff. The employees who serve in the regional and branch offices, as well as the administration at the main VA centers, are among those who help provide veterans services to all veterans and their families.

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