VA Secretary Eric K. Shinseki Addresses Veterans at VFW Convention

On July 24th the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Secretary Eric K. Shinseki addressed the attendees of the VFW annual convention to report on the latest progress of his department.

In a report from the VA, Secretary Shinseki proudly announced the various areas of growth and improvement the VA has had in the past three and a half years. As the U.S. comes out of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, they have seen an increase in the number of veterans seeking VA services.

Mr. Shinseki explained some of the issues the VA has had to contend with due to the increased number of veterans. One of his points was the complexity of combat injuries that were once fatal are now treatable, but often result in lifelong disabilities. Another issue his department has dealt with was the low enrollment of veterans in the VA’s program – in 2009 there were over 23 million veterans, yet only 7.4 were enrolled in VA benefit programs.

Since 2009, the VA has worked on increasing access to disability benefits, eliminating the backlog of disability claims, and ending veteran homelessness. His speech concluded with an overview of initiatives being implemented to realize these goals, as well as some highlights of how certain veteran groups will continue to benefit from VA services.

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