VA Restructuring Regional Boundaries to Better Serve Veterans

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) proposed a new organizational plan to divide the country into five regions to better serve veterans. The plan comes under the MyVA initiative which seeks to reorient the department around the needs of veterans.

The current organizational plan for the VA includes several maps with various boundaries that determine to which offices a veteran must report or contact in order to receive the full benefit of services offered by VA facilities and programs. Under the new unified plan, state borders will provide the framework to divide the country into the five regions that will make up the new organizational structure.

Each region will immediately be working to set up its internal framework for hierarchy and office locations with the full plan coming together by June 2015. “Ultimately, this reform will improve the Veteran experience by enabling Veterans to more easily navigate VA and access their earned care and benefits,” says Secretary Robert McDonald.

Launched in September 2014, the MyVA initiative seeks to improve connections and services to veterans while empowering VA employees to take the necessary actions for veteran satisfaction. Several of the changes under MyVA are designed to help reduce wait times and complications of veterans disability claims. However, a backlog of claims still exists and new claims are still being denied for incomplete evidence.

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