VA Releases New Disability Compensation Questionnaires

First thing’s first, Happy Veterans Day! Everyone here at The Veterans Blog wishes to send our sincere thanks and gratitude to all the men and women who have served in the U.S. military and continue to serve our country around the world.

Now on with the latest VA news…

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) have a huge backlog of disability compensation claims they absolutely must address or face dire consequences. VA Secretary Eric Shinseki has vowed to clear the backlog by 2015, so the VA is taking action and completely overhauling the entire disability compensation claims process. Part of this reformation includes automating the disability claims process, which requires new disability benefits questionnaires. The VA released the first 3 of 79 questionnaires the new disability claims processing system will require.

These first 3 questionnaires will be used by both VA and private physicians when evaluating the most common medical conditions seen in veterans. In order for the new claims process to work effectively, medical diagnoses must be quick and correct. These new forms will force physicians to include critical information into the claims system, which will speed up compensation decision times.

The VA’s automated health records system requires VA physicians to submit specific information in a very precise manner. This is so claims adjudicators have all the information they need to process the disability claims quickly. These new questionnaires will guide the physicians in exactly what information is needed, when it is needed to be put into the system, and where it needs to be put into the system. The thinking is, the more standardized everything becomes, the easier it will be to process the disability claims.

It is no coincidence these first 3 questionnaires cover the latest 3 diseases added to the VA’s presumptive disease list for Agent Orange exposure as these claims are just beginning to be processed. Sec. Shinseki imposed a goal on the VA, which is to process claims in no more than 125 days with a minimum 98% decision quality rate. Using these new questionnaires on 3 brand new diseases should be a perfect test for the VA’s new process.

If you are a disabled veteran who has been denied disability compensation or have not yet applied for benefits from the VA, contact Veterans Help Group. You may be entitled to certain programs and benefits so contact our veterans disability rights firm today.