VA Releases Claim Statistics for the 2014 Fiscal Year

In a press release on October 9, the Veterans’ Administration (VA) shared some interesting statistics about VA claim benefits for the 2014 fiscal year (FY14). The highlight of the report was the marked increase in the number of processed disability compensation and pension claims from the year prior.

For FY14, the VA processed 1.3 million veterans’ claims, over 150,000 more than it processed in FY13. Moreover, FY13 was also a record-breaking year.

VA Claim Processing Improving

The VA is speeding up its claims process, but it says that quality and service are not suffering because of it. “These improvements were not made at the expense of quality. The accuracy of VA’s decisions continues to rise from an 83-percent accuracy level in 2011 to a 90-percent accuracy level today. When focusing specifically at the medical issue level, accuracy is at 96 percent,” notes the VA in its press release.

The VA has made a lot of recent policy changes to try to improve the delivery of its services, seeking to provide faster and better quality decisions.  In addition to increasing the claim processing speed and improving accuracy, the VA has also shrunk its backlog.

The VA backlog contains disability claims that have been pending for over 125 days. In FY14, the backlog was as follows.

  • Reduced by 60-percent  from the previous year
  • The smallest it’s been in almost four years

Another improvement the VA notes was that veterans waited an average of 119 fewer days for a decision on their claim than claimants waited in FY13. Secretary for Benefits Allison A. Hickey shared, “I am so proud of our employees – more than half of whom are Veterans themselves – who continue to work tirelessly to deliver the benefits our Veterans have earned through their service to our Nation.”

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