VA Rejects GAO Recommendations for Set-Aside Contracts

Not only has the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) refused to follow recommendations made by the Government Accountability Office (GAO) regarding set-aside contracts for small businesses owned by veterans with disabilities, they made that refusal official by informing the GAO of their decision. The Washington Business Journal reported the VA’s refusal is in response to a GAO protest decision filed in early October.

The GAO’s decision concluded the VA violated a 2006 law by refusing to grant 2 contract solicitations set-aside status. Small businesses owned by veterans with service-related disabilities are given preference on set-aside contracts. Therefore, the GAO recommended the VA to cancel those specific solicitations and then re-issue them as set-asides.

The VA, however, will not comply with that recommendation. That position was first discovered via an internal memo and was later confirmed by the VA. The original protest against the VA was filed by a small business in Michigan. The VA emailed both that business and the GAO at the same time informing them of its position and promised a “much more detailed position in the near future.”

Now that the VA refusal has become official, certain procedural steps are available. Veteran-owned small businesses can now file a complaint in the U.S. Court of Federal Claims in order to protect their rights and pursue what it theirs.

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