VA Pushing for Release of Nationwide Opioid Therapy Tool

In the coming weeks, health care providers in the VA Health System may start using a new tool for tracking and monitoring opioid use in their patients. The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) expedited the release and implementation of its new Opioid Therapy Risk Report developed to help track and protect patients given opioid medication for pain relief.

The new Opioid Therapy Risk Report tool creates a record to track veterans placed on opioid therapy. It monitors the dosages of narcotics and other sedative drugs along with significant medical conditions that could trigger an adverse reaction. The tool also monitors data that could aid doctors in reviewing and managing patients with complex pain management cases.

The opioid reports gather all pertinent medical information for a pain management patient to determine if opioid treatment is the best option. The VA hopes that with the new tool, doctors will be able to better track opioid use and avoid overuse, adverse reactions, and dependency while still providing an optimal level of pain management.

The tool was conceived after the VA established the Opioid Safety Initiative (OSI) in 2012. Through the OSI’s intervention, 91,614 fewer patients are receiving opioids and the program has helped avoid several thousand cases of adverse drug reactions.

Opioid addiction among veterans suffering from pain is not uncommon. Through the VA’s new patient-centered care model, tools like the Opioid Therapy Risk Report will help VA doctors better track and supplement veterans’ care to determine an optimal pain treatment plan.

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