VA Pushes Stand by Them Campaign to Raise Awareness of Veteran Suicides

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) is asking communities across the U.S. to “Stand by Them” in a new campaign to show support for veterans who may be in crisis. This program is in support of September’s designation as Suicide Awareness Month.

The month of September began with President Obama’s Executive Order to improve mental health services for servicemembers and their families just a day prior. The Stand by Them campaign was launched to encourage communities and veterans outreach groups to focus on assisting veterans in their area that may be at risk of suicide.

Secretary of Veterans Affairs Eric K. Shinseki noted in the VA release, “History shows that the costs of war will continue to grow for a decade or more after the wars have ended.” The program aims to promote awareness of the need for support, such as that from friends or family members, who the release notes may first be the first ones to notice potential signs of crisis.

Disabled veterans who face medical challenges, either physical or mental, may benefit from applying for a disability rating from the VA. With approval, a veteran can collect veterans’ disability benefits and gain access to health treatment and counseling that the veteran may need.

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