VA Proposing A Transitional Housing Program at VMAC

The VA is proposing a new transitional housing facility for homeless veterans. If completed, the new facility will exist on currently unused land at the VA Medical Center in Martinsburg, WV (VAMC).

The goal of the program is to provide homeless veterans temporary housing for up to two years while they:

  • Search for employment;
  • Receive job training;
  • Receive access to care at the VAMC; and
  • Receive help in returning to independent living outside the facility.

The program is being developed through an Enhanced Use Lease project (EUL), which means the VA will partner with a developer to construct and manage the facility for up to 75 years. Ownership of the land remains with the VA while the developer will own all improvements made upon the land.

There are currently other EUL projects focusing on homeless veterans already in existence at numerous VA facilities and even more under construction. These EUL projects costs the VA nothing as:

  • The VA already owns the land;
  • Outside partners will finance, run, and completely maintain the facility;
  • The developer provides all the required services to operate the facility;
  • The developer will make money through subsidy programs and grants; and
  • Veterans accepted into the facility must financially contribute.

The VA stressed one point very strongly in their proposal for placement of this facility at VAMC: this is transitional housing, NOT an emergency shelter.

Additional housing benefits are available to disabled veterans which may be based on your disability rating.  Contact the veterans’ disability rights law firm of Veterans Help Group.