VA Possibly Unprepared for Iraq Soldiers Returning Home

After President Obama announced that the U.S. is withdrawing troops from Iraq by the end of the year, much concern was raised within the Department of Veterans Affairs, according to an article in City Watch. One major concern is what type of environment will exist for veterans with disabilities and veterans without disabilities upon their return and if the VA is ready for such an influx.

Approximately 30% of soldiers will likely develop “serious mental problems” within 3-4 months after returning to civilian life. Approximately 20% will return to this country with “serious brain and spinal injuries” and they will need either instant or ongoing direct medical attention.

Reports of veterans suffering from substance abuse and homelessness are common, and those 2 conditions will likely worsen; however, there are not solid numbers available for how much is spent combating these issues because programs are constantly evolving and changing. Reintegration into civilian life has been taking dangerous tolls on many veterans and their families.

Unemployment rates among veterans will likely skyrocket with the sudden flood of veterans looking for work. The entry of new disability claims into the VA’s system most likely will worsen their already established backlog of disability claims, and may very well undo the positive steps that have been made toward clearing the backlog over the last couple of months.

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