VA Patient Readmission Rates on Par With Private Hospitals

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) operates the Veterans Health Administration (VHA), which is the “largest integrated health care system in the country.” An article in Gant Daily, however, focuses on the rates at which VHA patients rebound, or return to the VA’s hospital for further health care, often for issues related to veterans disabilities.

Like Medicare, the VHA tries to eliminate patients being re-admitted, and thus cut down on health care costs and provide better health care to patients. Although the VHA staff believed differently, it appears their readmission rates are just as high as those of private hospitals.

According to a new study, the blame may not lie with the hospitals. They may, in fact, be fighting an uphill battle right from the start, according to findings from a recent study that evaluated more than 100 private and VA hospitals.

The VA has been “very focused on effective discharge planning” over the recent years, and is working toward setting a national standard in health care. As one researcher stated, however, “it makes you wonder how much hospitals can really control readmissions if a place like the VA cannot have dramatically lower rates.”

Generally VA healthcare is rated at least as good if not better than private health care in most areas. The cost for readmissions runs into the tens of billions of dollars a year for Medicare, so it is one area of care where improvement is mandated.

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