VA Partners with Entertainment Industry for Veteran Health Video

A video produced through collaboration between the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) and the Entertainment Industries Council (EIC) hopes to serve as a resource for entertainers portraying veterans suffering from mental health problems.

The recently released Picture This: Veteran Mental Health Challenges and Solutions was produced as a guide for writers, actors, and others in the entertainment industry. It aims to promote more accurate portrayals of the challenges and realities of veterans with mental health issues.

The stories of several disabled veterans and their families, such as some featured in the Make the Connection public outreach campaign, are referenced in Picture This. The video offers explanations of some of the applicable terminology regarding symptoms, treatments, and the conditions themselves. It also provides some background information about veterans.

The VA hopes that this guide will provide a valuable resource for the entertainment industry when artists strive to tell stories related to veterans and mental health issues. The VA press release notes that, “Picture This supports the creative process and is organized to address the needs of those developing entertaining story lines and characters that greatly impact societal perceptions.”

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