VA Now Requiring Pharmacy Technician Certifications

The House Committee on Veterans’ Affairs recently issued formal recommendations to the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). In following those recommendations, every VA pharmacy technician working at GS-6 and above must possess a Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB) certification.

The VA implementing these recommendations demonstrates their dedication and pledge to providing the absolute best patient care to veterans. Further, by integrating these new standards, the VA brings itself in line with private sector standards. Pharmacist technicians with the PTCB certification make more money and once they leave the VA are more employable.

The VA prides itself on being able to offer its veterans a world class pharmacy. A pharmacy of that caliber, however, cannot exist without high quality pharmacy technicians. By requiring the PTCB certification the VA is:

  • Better equipping technicians to carry out their present duties;
  • Providing a jumping off point for technicians to improve their current skills and in time take on more intricate duties;
  • Providing a career ladder;
  • Raising the technicians’ minimum skill level requirements; and
  • Standardizing technicians’ practice in the VA health care system.

There are more than 3,800 pharmacy technicians in the VA system and their job responsibilities are greatly varied. By requiring them to all meet the same minimum standards creates a concrete base on which to support the VA’s pharmacy. The VA can then boast as to the highly trained personnel that form the basis of their world class pharmacy.

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